EquiChek ™ Equine Serum Amyloid A Test

VerSmall The EquiChek ™ Serum Amyloid A test is the first “Stableside Test” for use in assessing inflammatory health status for horses, animal side. No sample processing, a single drop of blood, its ease of use will enable equine practitioners to run the test anywhere; stall side, before or after transportation, before training or a performance event, or back in the lab.

The EquiChek™ Serum Amyloid A test is a semi-quantitative screening test to check for the presence of an inflammatory condition in horses and distinguishes normal healthy horse from those with a mild or clinically significant inflammation. The test is simple to use, requires a single drop of blood and will give a test result in less than 15 minutes, with results for a normal healthy animal visible in less than 5 minutes. The test is designed for use right beside the horse to enable assessment of health where access to a lab is limited or not immediately accessible.